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General Questions

Question- How does offer low rates?

Answer- Since we are directly associated with more than 400 International Airlines and core online travel agencies; we are capable of administering our business by offering lowest possible rates. We are into this business for more than 10 years that is another reason enabling us to understand the industry well.

Question- Do I need a passport or Visa?

Answer- Yes. You must carry all your important documents including Passport and Visa along with you while crossing international borders. You must even cross check the validity of your documents prior to your journey. Requiring Visa depends on which country you are checking- in. Some countries provide visa as and when you arrive there. It is advised to get in touch with the Embassy of the Country you want to check in and know the requirements of the documents. However, we do not offer Visa Services at this point of time.

Question- Can I exchange or get a refund from my tickets?

Answer- As per the guidelines of main airlines, the discounted tickets are not subjected to refund or exchange. However, few airlines allow refund and exchange offer even on discounted tickets but they may impose some penalty. It is recommended to know and check about the facility provided by airlines from our travel experts.

Question- Is it possible to cancel my ticket?

Answer- Yes, you can cancel your ticket without paying extra in or airline’s website within 24 hours of booking. As soon as you get confirmed that you will not be travelling, try to cancel your ticket at first priority so that you do not pay penalty. If you forget to cancel your ticket prior to this time frame then you may have to pay penalty. In case you do not cancel your ticket at all then you will lose the value of ticket and you will not be allowed to exchange or refund it later.

Question- How to cancel or exchange tickets?

Answer- To know more about the exchanging process of flight ticket, you can call on our toll- free number. Our customer care executives are available 24 * 7.**

Question- What are the consequences of missing flight?

Answer- In case you miss your flight, then the tickets are no more valid as per the instructions of airlines. Missed Flight’s ticket will be assumed as invalid tickets and are subjected to neither be refund nor exchange.

Question- What if the details on the ticket are incorrect?

Answer- We strictly recommend checking your ticket details twice as soon as you get it. If you find any mistakes in the printed information then you must get it corrected before 24 hours of booking. Within this time frame you are not penalized. But if you want any corrections to be done after 24 hours of booking then you will have to pay fine. If the ticket is void, there is no chance of receiving the ticket another time. You must make sure that the name you entered in the ticket must match from the passports.

Question- Are my tickets transferable?

Answer- Sometimes you tickets are transferable depending on the airlines and sometimes not. For more information you can get in touch with us.

Question- Can I book tickets online?

Answer- Yes, you can book your tickets online but it is recommended that you must call our travel agent before booking yourself. Our expert travel agent will guide you well and let you know in detail about the offers and hot deals. The discounted fares and online quotes happens to disappear quickly from screen, hence in this case reaching our representative will be beneficial for you.

Question- What is an e-ticket?

Answer- With the change in time and trend now day’s e-tickets are issued instead of the traditional paper tickets. E-tickets are also known as the electronic ticket.

Question- How is my ticket shipped and can I track it?

Answer- In general, you receive e-tickets. Our representative will forward you the email confirmation for your e-tickets that embraces all the details in it. However, if paper tickets are issued then along with the tickets we provide you a tracking number. With the help of this you can track the ticket.

Question- When will I receive my ticket?

Answer- When our travel agent ensures that the ticket has been issued then at the very same time e-ticket confirmation will be emailed at your registered email address. It might take 15 – 20 days of time through general shipping.

Question- How can I view my itinerary?

Answer- You can simply ask our travel agent. He will either explain you over the phone or will give you the description on mail.

Question- When are agents available?

Answer- We are available round the clock and 7 days in a week. You can reach us anytime through phone or e-mail.

Question- Can I get a ticket last minute?

Answer- Yes, you can get a ticket on last minute and even with discounts sometimes but only if there is availability.

Question- I do not know when I am coming home. Can I buy an open-ended ticket?

Answer- Sorry, at present we do not deal with open ended tickets.

Question- Can I buy a one-way ticket?

Answer- Yes, we do offer one way ticket but depending upon the rules and regulations of the countries. There are some countries that restrict over one way tickets, so for those countries you need to show the proof for the return ticket. In this case we suggest you to talk to our travel agent as he will let you know specifically.

Question- Can I accrue mileage?

Answer- The accrual of mileage is done depending on the guidelines of the airlines. Therefore, we recommend you to check the rules of the airlines.

Question- Can I get a seat for an infant?

Answer- Yes, you can get seat for infant by getting child ticket. Try getting in touch with the travel agent as different airlines have different policies. Some airlines do not give separate seats to the infants.

Question- What kind of extra discounts can I get for infants and children? What about seniors, military, or youth discounts?

Answer- Depending on the age group discounts are pre-decided by the airlines. The infants up to 24 months are accountable for 75 % discount of adult fare. Even those infants from the age of 2 years to 11 years will be liable for a discount of 10 % of the adult fare. But these ticket prices include taxes and fees. For the discounted tickets, sometimes additional reductions will not be provided. You can confirm actual conditions over the phone from our agent. The discounts get fluctuated every now and then for the seniors, military or the youth. So ideally you must talk to agent for clear vision.

Question- What about the baggage allowance and fees?

Answer- Depending on the airlines, the baggage allowance and fees varies. Before booking the ticket for your itinerary, you must clear the things from the representative. You may even call on the baggage department of the airline directly or check the details by visiting airline’s website.

Question- Where do I get my luggage?

Answer- If you are going in non-stop flight then you will get your luggage at the final destination. But in some countries custom laws and regulation are different, so you must clear on call before reaching the destination.

Question- Can I request for seat assignments, meals, or a wheelchair?

Answer- Yes, depending on your requirement you can ask for wheel chair, meals and seat assignments. Our representative will consider your special request and offer service.

Question- What should I do in the event of an involuntary schedule change on my reservation?

Answer- It would be our honor to assist you; you can send us your contact information with the reservation number through mail or over the phone. As soon as we get your query, we try to fix your problem with perfect solution. We are happy to help you. Try reaching us at +1(844) 371-8654 or +1(800) 251-4217 or you can also mail us at

Discount terms and conditions.

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**The $20 - $25 off offer is on our transaction service fees only.

**Discount of up to $25 is available on un-restricted published airfare & International Flights, booked in "Lower" class seats on a some of the scheduled airlines & subject to 30 days advance purchase. Also, Other booking terms restrictions may also apply.

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